Volvo XC60 Performance & First Drive

Volvo XC60 Overview

Volvo Auto India has had a very good year in the country this year, especially in terms of the number of new models launched. The automaker began the year with the launch of its S60 Polestar performance sedan in April, followed by the debut of V90 Cross country station wagon in July. It ended this year’s launch schedule with the introduction of the second-generation XC60 SUV for the model year 2018 Volvo had launched the XC60 globally in 2008, and it has taken the company almost an entire decade to launch a new generation of this model. This is not a negative, as in the case of the XC60, since this model has been the largest-selling SUV for Volvo Cars globally, as well as for the company in India. In fact, Volvo Auto India said the XC60 has accounted for about 30 % of its total vehicle sales till date. The XC60 will be offered by Volvo as a completely built-up unit (CBU), with no plans at present to assemble the vehicle locally in India. View offers on Volvo Cars from Volvo dealers in Hyderabad at Autozhop

Volvo XC60 Look

If you were to look at a silhouette of the outgoing XC60 and the new XC60, you would see the same general shape – the roof features the same slanted grade to the rear, and there was no real size change. But, the actual design of the body, on the other hand, is as fresh as it gets and shows a clear evolution from the first-gen model. Up front, the grille is much more prominent before, positioned right at the tip of the nose like a centerpiece as opposed to being recessed a bit between the headlights. The grille also features vertical slats as opposed to the horizontal front slats in the outgoing model. The headlights are new as well, featuring a thinner design with a new LED strip layout that is shaped like a T laid on its side. Down below, the air dam has grown taller but is the styling of the lower lip gives it a slightly recessed look. The fog lights have been moved to the lower outside corners while just above sits a recessed area with inserts, a feature that adds a bit of aggressiveness to the front profile. Finally, the hood now has a more rounded front edge while the muscular sides have been toned down a bit and accented by a second body line that runs almost the full length of the hood.

Moving over to the side profile, and we see a few subtle hints of XC90 DNA, like the long but mild body line below the waist and the defining lines around the front and rear wheel arches. The side view mirrors are actually mounted somewhat low on the doors leading to a longer arm between the door and the mirror itself, while the window trim begins to slant upward just before the rear quarter glass, both visual improvements over the outgoing model. Down below, the doors get an excessively concave cutout that looks like a larger, mirrored version of the chrome trim on the side skirts – it’s an interesting look and provides a lot of character.

Around back, the new XC60 is as sporty as it gets with new, LED taillights that are primarily located on the corners of the rear quarter panels but do extend onto the rear hatch at their lowest point. It’s a fresh and modern taillight layout that really adds to the look of the new rear hatch. The rear fascia takes on some new body lines and thinner reflectors that are accented by chrome inserts. The same rectangular exhaust pipes are shown off on the model hear, but the insert of the lower fascia now surrounds them and is finished in the same color as the body. All told, it’s a beautiful design, but the one thing I’m not so sure about is the bubbly panel just below the rear glass that sports the “VOLVO” badge – it looks geometrically out of place in comparison to the main design cues.

Volvo XC60 Comfort

While the interiors of the XC60 retains vestiges of the beauty of the XC90 and S90, its out-of-the-box design cues incorporate a sense of simplistic exquisiteness. Then there’s the large glass area and a huge panoramic sunroof which provides an airy experience that’s simply astounding. The black soft-touch dashboard here is elegantly highlighted by matte wood trim, and the nine-inch vertically positioned screen continues to allow access to most on-board functions (including the air-con). Our only gripe is that it gets the driver’s eyes off the road.The front leather seats offer incredible support thanks to the sculpted contours and premium cushioning. While these cooled/heated seats can also be electrically adjusted for lateral, lumbar, and thigh support, there’s ample head and knee room here too. But it’s definitely the massage function and the heated steering that takes comfort to an all new level. The rear seats themselves are comfy overall with superior cushioning and contours. They have a great backrest angle, offer lots of headroom and adequate leg room too.

For the rear occupants, though, there’s only the heated seats option, and the bench itself could have come with better under-thigh support. Besides you’ll have watch out to prevent your head from bumping into the C-Pillar since the door enclosure is visibly narrow. Although seating a middle passenger is possible, they’d have to deal with the flat cushioning and a tall transmission tunnel. On the boot front, the space-saver spare wheel has been neatly tucked away under the storage area. This makes for a boot that’s large enough for a weekend trip that includes some suitcases and soft bags. But the smart bit are the buttons to electronically lower/heighten the rear of this SUV to aid luggage loading.

Being a Volvo means the inclusion of a number of safety functions. These include collision warning, distance alert, lane keeping aid, road sign information, driver alert control, automatic braking, adaptive cruise control and a 360 degree camera. Other highlights are the active bending head lamps, panoramic sunroof, massage/cooled/heated functions for the front seats, heads-up display with road signs and warning alerts, semi-automatic parking and a Bowers and Wilkins infotainment system.

Volvo XC60 Gearbox

The new Volvo XC60 is powered by the same engine found in the XC90 and the V90 Cross Country models. This is the 1,969 cc, four-cylinder, twin-turbo D5 diesel engine that delivers a maximum power of 235 hp at 4,000 rpm, along with 480 Nm of peak torque from 1,750-2,250 rpm. The engine is mated to the eight-speed Geartronic automatic transmission from Aisin Seiki, Japan, with steering-mounted paddle shifters and features an All-Wheel Drive (AWD) system. The XC60 is offered with four driving modes that the driver can choose from – Comfort, Eco, Dynamic and Off-Road, which enables them to transform the characteristics of engine feedback, transmission, steering and suspension according to the road conditions.

This engine features Volvo’s Power Pulse Technology, which essentially spools up the turbo instantly and deleting any turbo lag that would be experienced from a stop-go situation. Power Pulse technology features an electrically-driven compressor and a pressured air tank. Fresh air is taken from the air filter, and then compressed and stored in the pressurised tank. When the vehicle is accelerated rapidly, the compressed air is released from the tank into the exhaust manifold, feeding the turbo and creating an instant spool up. Additionally, the air in the pressurised tank is topped up automatically, ensuring that Power Pulse is always ready to deliver a new boost.

This Power Pulse technology provides the illusion of driving a naturally-aspirated car, due to the extremely linear manner in which power is delivered when required. The eight-speed automatic transmission and the engine combine to offer an ample amount of power to the XC60, making the drive dynamic when needed. The driving modes offer a good level of variation in the feedback offered for each mode, making the vehicle performance apt for various driving conditions.

Volvo XC60 Rideing

On the suspension front, the all-new XC60 gets an air suspension setup for all wheels and the driving modes also have preset adjustments for the damping characteristics. Off-road mode can only be activated while doing speeds of up to 40kmph, and it gets the system to channel more torque to the rear wheels. Additionally, ground clearance is automatically increased to a maximum of 223mm. We shall reserve our judgement of the new XC60’s off-roading skills for a later date since we didn’t get the opportunity to get off the road.In Eco/Comfort mode the ride at low speeds is great and although you can hear the suspension working its way over harsh bumps, you never really feel them in the cabin. However, there is some up and down movement at higher speeds. But as soon as you shift into Dynamic mode, the ride gets noticeably flatter, and the XC60 drives with good stability at highway speeds.

Let’s talk about the steering now. The XC60’s steering is adequately quick off the centre, and also feels light in Eco and Comfort modes. It goes without saying that this makes driving in the city an easy affair. But having said that, although the steering gets slightly heavier in Dynamic mode, we found the steering response in Comfort mode more natural, and eventually stuck to that. Volvo also seems to have got it spot-on with the brakes since it is remarkably progressive with excellent feedback. On the whole, we thoroughly felt that the XC60 will do a great job in covering great distances in good comfort.

Volvo XC60 Safety

So, as you would expect, the new XC60 gets Volvo’s City Safety suite of driver assistance features, but this time around, Volvo has upped the ante a bit. Now, in addition to the auto brake function at speeds of 30 mph and lower, the new XC60 will also get oncoming lane mitigation and steer assist, the latter of which is used to correct your trajectory path if you cross into oncoming traffic and don’t react when a collision is imminent. And, Volvo’s blind spot system uses the same function to help pull you back into your lane if you don’t notice that there’s a car in your blind spot. One option safety feature is Volvo’s Pilot Assist which is basically a semi-autonomous assistance system that will take car of steering, acceleration, and braking on well-marked roads as long as you’re going 80 mph or less – think of this as something similar to active cruise control or early iterations of Tesla AutoPilot system.

Volvo XC60 Price in Hyderabad

Volvo Xc60 Ex-Showroom Price in Hyderabad ranges from 51,11,100/- (XC60 Inscription) to 51,11,100/- (XC60 Inscription). Get best offers for Volvo Xc60 from Volvo Dealers in Hyderabad. Check for XC60 price in Hyderabad at Carzprice

Volvo XC60 Bottomline

From our first drive of the all-new XC60, it is clear that Volvo Cars is focussed on continuing to keep the premium SUV as a high-selling model in its vehicle range. The powertrain option, technology features, comfort and safety equipment and levels of luxury make the XC60 a very compelling choice, when compared to competitors that come in the form of the Audi Q5, BMW X3 and Mercedes-Benz GLC SUVs.

The vehicle’s launch price tag of Rs 55.9 lakh also makes it look like a good value proposition as a standalone product, but may be considered premium when compared to a couple of competitors. However, as a vehicle carrying so many features unchanged from models that form the top-end of the company’s line-up, the XC60 could be poised to receive much interest from those in the market looking at purchasing a five-seater SUV in the premium segment.

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