Maruti Suzuki Swift First Drive Review


Maruti Suzuki Swift Overview

Maruti Suzuki launched the Swift in India in May 2005. In its 12 years in the country, the Swift has remained the preferred choice in its segment. In order to reach here, it has honed its position as a sporty hatchback that offers something for everyone. And now, there’s a new generation of the Swift knocking on our doors and it has big shoes to fill. It has to excel at everything that the outgoing model does and is expected to add more feathers to its cap at the same time. Does it do all that? We took it out for a spin and here’s what we think.

Maruti Suzuki Swift Design

The Swift feels like it was designed to be a daily commuter in the first place. Its dimensions are perfect for zipping around effortlessly in the traffic. The balanced steering also helps in the city commute. Here we have the ZDi AMT trim with us and the two-paddle set-up instantly takes away all the driving stress in the city’s bumper to bumper traffic. The AMT lag takes some time to get used to, though. It shifts at around 2000-2200 rpm to a moderate throttle and if you input it correctly, the lag can be minimised. However, like all AMTs, if you floor the pedal, the transmission feels slightly sluggish, but that rarely happens in everyday driving.

In an urban city like ours, the Swift’s dimension and its small turning radius is a big boon as well. The tried and tested 1.3-litre Multijet engine is torquey and is famous for its performance, robustness and fuel economy.

Maruti Suzuki Swift Cabin

The changes to the interior of the Swift are equally telling. It might carry over some buttons and switches – like those for the power windows and the ORVM adjustment – from the older car, but it has a lot of fresh elements as well. The dashboard, the centre console, the seats, the climate control system, and the large touchscreen multimedia system (only on the top-of-the-line ZXI+ and ZDI+ trims) are all new for the Swift.

But, if you are getting a sense of déjà vu, that’s because the new Swift – which shares its base with the new Dzire – mirrors the latter’s interior design quite closely. Blame the economies of scale if you will, but even so, we really couldn’t find anything to criticize on the Swift’s insides either. Much like the Dzire. Feature wise, the new Swift has a decent mix. All trims come with ABS and airbags as standard. And the new Swift – like the Baleno and the Dzire that are based on the same platform – meets all necessary crash test norms, and then some.

Maruti Suzuki Swift Gearbox

The Swift continues to be powered by the same set of engines with the same output. The manual transmission too, is the same. The new addition here is the 5-speed AMT, which is available on the V and Z variants of both – the petrol- and diesel-powered Swifts. Both the engines retain their inherent characteristics – the petrol being the smooth and relaxed one that charges up as it goes past 4,000rpm and the diesel being the more torquey and fuel efficient of the two that unleashes as the turbo kicks in post 2,000rpm. The manual Swift continues to be an enjoyable car with a light clutch and short-throw gearbox. But it’s the AMT that’s the talk of the town.

The AMT or the AGS, as Maruti Suzuki likes to call it, is finally the gearbox that can manage most of the driving situations on its own whether it is a hill, slope, flat, rough, choc-a-bloc or an open expressway. The shift responses are now quick and it understands throttle inputs better now. The usual AMT headnod accompanied by gearshifts has also reduced with the only exception being upshifting at high revs and downshifting the diesel engine in its peak torque zone. A point worth mentioning here is that the AMT gear lever in the new Swift is one sophisticated looking unit (in terms of design) with short throws. To know for more info on Maruti Swift check Lanetalab

Maruti Suzuki Swift Riding

The new Heartect platform has worked wonders for the new Swift and it now feels more composed than ever while doing triple-digit speeds and taking curves. Although the Swift has shed some weight, it feels more planted than before in both the diesel and petrol avatars. The steering is light and it isn’t the most communicative of units, but it doesn’t feel vague and requires no idle inputs to maintain a straight line. The light steering though will be enjoyable while parking and at city speeds.

What comes as a surprise is that Maruti Suzuki has resorted to a rather firm suspension setup for the third generation Swift. Except when driven over really poor roads, the relatively stiffly sprung Swift feels more confident and very controlled on the road. Over very rough surfaces, you feel the thuds clearly in the cabin. By no means is the ride uncomfortable, but it isn’t as supple as the Baleno either.

Maruti Suzuki Swift Safety

Here the feature list includes dual airbags, ABS with EBD, and engine mobiliser in terms of safety. Features for convenience include keyless entry, automatic climate control, rear parking sensors, driver’s side one-touch window, electric mirrors, steering mounted controls and 2-DIN audio with Bluetooth connectivity. All these features are more than sufficient for a hatchback at this price point.

Maruti Suzuki Swift Price in Bangalore

Maruti Suzuki Swift On Road Price is 5,98,238/- and Ex-showroom Price is 4,99,000/- in Bangalore. Maruti Suzuki Swift comes in 6 colours, namely Mysterious Violet,Silky Silver,Glistering Grey,Granite Grey,Fire Red,Pearl Arctic White. Maruti Suzuki Swift comes with FWD with 1197 CC Displacement and 4 Cylinders with Maximum Power 83 bhp@6000 rpm and Peak Torque 115 Nm@4000 rpm DRIVE TRAIN FWD and reaches 100 KMPH at 12.6 seconds . Maruti Suzuki Swift comes with Manual Transmission with FWD .Check for Swift price in Bangalore at Tryaldrive.

Maruti Suzuki Swift Bottomline

The first generation Swift in India was an excellent car for its time. It brought a different set of values to the mix which made us sit up and take notice. And yes, made the car the success it is today.The previous generation, or the second-generation car, sadly, wasn’t outstanding. As a product, and as a car, it was fine. But, it wasn’t good enough to blind you from buying anything else.

This, the all-new Swift, however, is more like the original. It does the regular, basic stuff extremely well. And then, it also brings in the same set of lovely values – youthfulness, fun and desirability; courtesy its engine and handling mainly – that made the original a blockbuster.

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