Fiat Linea Engine & Test Drive

Fiat Linea Overview

The Fiat Linea is a very well known name in the Indian car market. It has been over 10 years since the car entered our market and overtime as the population of this iconic name once grew, it has now started to see its demise. Few might argue that its probably because the competition outdid it, while some might say it’s because the Linea hasn’t changed over a decade and has nothing but minor tweaks to the original design. I’d beg to differ but as my time with this car passed and the kilometers piled up, I started to realize how badly this car needs an update. Fiat Linea On road price starts from xx,xxx,xxx/-. Check for price details of Fiat Linea in CarzPrice.

Fiat Linea Design

The facelifted Linea looks updated but it still has the same neat and clean proportions which definitely tells you of its classy and premium nature.Talking about the changes the big grille at the front of the car which was there from the very beginning has been changed and it now has a two slat grille which looks more sober, the air dam too looks bigger and it also has been highlighted with chrome strips which has made the front face of the car more premium. The rest of the front remained same and you will instantly recognize it as the Linea by its huge curved headlamps and a sloping bonnet. You won’t find much of a difference at the side of the car except the noticeable new alloy wheels and side rear view mirrors which gets new turn indicators.

Walk towards the rear and you will notice that the rear bumper has also been adorned with a chrome strip just like its front and a black faux diffuser which has added a tougher look to the car. The number plate now finds its place in the boot lid which is another big change that we noticed at the rear of the car. Already mentioned earlier that the Linea has always been one of the best looking cars that you will find in this segment, now with all these above mentioned changes it has become more matured and looks even more premium and will surely appeal to a large section of crowd.

Fiat Linea Cabin

Coming to the interior, it’s still pretty much the same design as the previous Linea with a touch or two of difference. It’s a simple interior, and while it will need some getting used to, it just generally feels old but not entirely dated. The cabin has a nice and airy feel to it, while space isn’t exactly the best. The front is quite a comfortable place to be but the rear ends up feeling quite cramped, especially for a tall person like me. It feels as though most of this car’s length goes into boot space and not in the legroom. The seats are quite supportive and have good cushioning, I could totally see myself doing long distance trips in this car. The interior really lacks in storage spaces as the door pockets seem narrow and quite useless when it comes to storing broader items like a bottle of water. The central console has some place for you to keep your wallet or even phone if I were to be optimistic, but in general, this cabin lacks room. The instrument cluster is quite clear, easy to read and get used to.

The Linea 125S comes with a decent sounding music system, navigation (which mostly never works) that’s glitchy, buggy and takes forever to load, the screen is small and is a touchscreen (that also doesn’t work that well). Due to the small size of the screen, the options are equally small and given their size and how bad the touch screen is, it’s quite difficult to input anything onto the display while driving. Even before you start driving the car, it’ll give you this warning about not using the interface while driving and that’s fine but over time it gets so annoying to hit “OK” each and every time you start the car. This car also gets a little strip of orange lighting at the front and I cannot emphasize on how much of a difference mere ambient lighting can do to spice up a cabin. This small addition alone makes the car feel a little more premium.

Fiat Linea Performance

Fiat Linea has a really punchy motor but due to the weight of the vehicle, it cannot properly stretch its feet unless you ring its bells. In city traffic, the motor feels quite smooth with power delivery being very linear, and this makes the engine feel quite smooth in slow-moving situations. Put the pedal to the metal and you will notice how linear and gradual the power delivery is. It has got no real kick in the pants feel and smoothly builds its way into triple-digit speeds, which I can appreciate. What does come as a real kick in the pants though is the amount of fuel this engine consumes. Check for Fiat Linea in 

This really does have quite an appetite for petrol and no matter how or where you drive this machine, you’ll be extremely lucky to get anything above 10 km/litre. This would majorly put off anyone because it doesn’t have the performance to match or justify such dismal fuel economy figures. Another thing that really ruins your experience of driving this car is the gearbox. It’s a terrible gearbox and there is no way to sugar coat it. Gear shifts are far from smooth and sometimes you’re not even sure if it’s in gear. There is no getting used to the notchy feeling and it’s something Fiat should really work on.

Fiat Linea Rideing

Coupled with decent power output and five-speed manual transmission system, the diesel version of Linea attains a top speed of 165 kmph. Along with this, the car attains a speed of 100 kmph from standstill in just 13.8 seconds. On the other hand, the T-Jet petrol version achieves the same feat in around 11.14 seconds with a top speed of 170 kmph. The FIRE petrol engine propels the Linea to clock a top speed of around 160 kmph with 0-100 kmph in just 15 seconds.Along with a decent output, the Linea is also blessed with a decent braking mechanism. The T-Jet Active version is featured with Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), which ensures a smooth braking and no skidding even at high speeds. Along with, the proficient suspension system of this car ensures that it remains stable and balanced even in non-favorable driving conditions. Fiat Linea in Tryaldrive.

Fiat Linea Safety

Fiat Linea is blessed with a number of safety features, which make it a reliable option to drive. Advancements like engine immobilizer with rolling code ensure that no outsider slips inside the car without the permission of the driver/occupants. Linea has a special fire prevention system that ensures that all the passengers are safely removed out of the car in case of fire. Other safety features of Linea include double crank prevention system, driver seat belt warning light, ABS and brake assist.

Fiat Linea Price

Fiat Linea On-Road Price in India ranges from 8,73,831 to 11,08,816 for variants Linea 1.4L Active Fire and Linea 1.4L T JET Emotion 125 S respectively. Fiat Linea is available in 5 variants and 5 colours. Below are details of Fiat Linea variants price in India. View offers on Fiat Cars from Fiat dealers in Hyderabad at Autozhop.

Fiat Linea Verdict

It was quite an experience driving this machine and its design has stood the test of time. That, has granted it more recognition in terms of form but over time, the car seems to have lost its functional side. The car genuinely needs a refresh and this feeling is quite prominent. Nothing about this car makes sense, the ergonomics are off, the performance isn’t exactly mind-blowing, and such fuel efficiency figures, don’t even get me started on the practicality. Due to all of these factors, this car feels less like a hit and more like a miss in 2018. Still, the Linea 125S isn’t a bad car as such and the only thing that makes it worse is the fact that the competition has gotten just that good.

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