Datsun GO+ Review & First Drive


Datsun GO+ Overview

The Datsun Go+ Anniversary edition has been launched. The Anniversary edition comes with an Ambient Lighting app for mobile phones. A customer can choose a lighting according to the mood, through this app. The car comes with new body graphics and a rear spoiler. The interiors have blue accents. The anniversary edition also gets floor mats, art leather seats, keyless entry, Bluetooth connectivity, rear parking sensor, radio and USB connection. There is a rear badging too. This is priced at INR 5.5 lakhs (on-road, New Delhi).

Commenting on the launch of the Datsun anniversary editions, Arun Malhotra, Managing Director, Nissan Motor India Pvt. Ltd. said, “The Datsun brand is winning over more and more customers who are seeking accessible mobility. We are celebrating our three successful years with the launch of special anniversary editions of Go and Go+ and activities around our Datsun model range. Congratulations to the Datsun team for this milestone and special thanks to all our customers across India.”

Datsun GO+ Look

The GO+ shares its front fascia with the GO hatchback. Every design element is carried over. Frankly, there is nothing offending about the design and the styling is very neutral. It is neither sporty nor dynamic but it should please most of its prospective buyers. The front bumper gets a swooping down effect from the sides. The medium-sized hexagonal honeycomb grille looks good while the headlights carry a decent design. The side profile of the MPV looks boring but Datsun designers have added a fair number of lines and creases which break the monotony to some extent.

The GO+ doesn’t have that boxy look like the Nissan Evalia and Chevrolet Enjoy which is a good thing. The vehicle’s body gains some mass near the waistline below the C-pillar which makes the rear glass look smaller. The tail lights and rear bumper are bulged out and hence the GO+ looks very bulky at the rear. The tail lights are the same ones used on the GO hatchback and from the rear-quarters, the MPV looks a tad bit old-schoolish. The vehicle gets puny 13-inch tyres on steel rims. In size, the GO+ looks quite smaller than its immediate rivals. The headlights have a good throw and are decently powerful. The rear gets only one reverse light on the LHS while the RHS unit has a dummy light. The build quality is nothing to speak about and the doors close with a not-so-reassuring light thunk and same is the case with the boot lid.

Datsun GO+ Comfort

There’s not much new to be said once you climb into the cabin as it’s basically a Go hatchback upfront. You are greeted by the dashboard that you’d be familiar with if you’ve been in the first Datsun product. It’s stylish and functional but hardly one with substance. Even the air-con system is basic with a four-speed blower and no option to de-fog or re-circulate. With seating, the front seats are as slim, flat so u tend to slide around. But there’s no seat height adjust, or steering adjust here either. It’s the second row that seems to have witnessed some improvement and it feels like a bit more airy and comfortable place to be in.

However, it’s still as lacking in thigh support. The all important third row, needs to be accessed by folding and flipping the second row seats forward. But the added row is not a space you would want to fit into. There is just no space for adults here. And this applies even for children. The bench is on the floor with absolutely no space to rest your feet and your head (even for those of average height) will knock against the descending roof. What it can be used for, is luggage; it can hold at least three to four large bags here. In fact, with the second and third row folded down, the Go+ has the practicality of a mini estate car.

Datsun GO+ Gearbox

The engine on the Datsun GO+ is the same 1.2-litre petrol engine that produces 67bhp of power and 104Nm of peak torque. The power ratings are the same as the GO, but as the weight has been increased by 38kgs, the engine tuning has been changed for better drivability. Lesser insulation makes the engine a tad noisy, but for this price you can’t get anything better. The power produced by the engine is sufficient for city or even highway driving and the Datsun GO+ has the biggest size engine of the lot. This means there is more torque to pull easily in the city, with one of the best acceleration in this segment. There is a lot of vibration at idling.

The five-speed box manual transmission is mounted on the centre console and this makes it easy to shift, as the positioning is very convenient. The GO+ runs a fuel efficiency of about 14-16km/l in the mix of city and highway driving. For more details on Datsun GO+  check Lanetalab

As the GO+ has a longer body with the same wheelbase, the suspension has been stiffened to avoid it from bottoming out. We drove it on very bumpy roads and places with no tarmac, still there was no effect and the underbelly didn’t scrap even once. The ride is good and you do not feel uncomfortable even on bad roads. The handling is good for its size and it doesn’t feel scary. The steering wheel is light and even the brakes bite well.

Datsun GO+ Riding

The Datsun GO+ has a really good ride quality and the suspension managed to absorb most bumps very well. The driver as well as the passengers remained quite comfortable on most bad patches of road and the vehicle too remained very composed. At speeds above the ton, the GO+ remains fairly stable but while taking corners or driving a bit quickly through twisties, we did encounter a fair amount of body-roll. In all of these situations, the vehicle did not lose form and never did we feel that it will go out of control.

The MPV gets a speed-sensitive electric power steering. The steering is very light and it is devoid of feedback. The lightness comes in useful while driving on crowded roads or while parking and at higher speeds it does weigh up a bit. Handling is quite crisp and this is actually a fun-to-drive car, just let down by a poor choice of tyres. The puny 13-inch Strada tyres offer just average grip and they disappoint big time. It is clear that Nissan is using them just to save costs. An upgrade to 14-inch wheels will really add to the vehicle’s handling characteristics.

Datsun GO+ Safety

The Datsun GO+ is sparsely equipped and on the safety front it gets neither ABS nor airbags as standard although a driver side airbag is an option on the T variant. This is quite disappointing and since we already know how the GO fared in the recent NCAP tests, we expect the GO+ to be no better. This reason itself could be a big deal-breaker for many. It is a sure shot fact that Nissan-Datsun’s after sales service holds no candle against Maruti and Honda. This is one of the most significant reasons why most people don’t consider Nissan-Datsun vehicles even before taking a test drive. Since we don’t see many vehicles from these stables on our roads, long-term ownership costs and reliability issues are also unknown but the company is working hard to address the issue of sales and service reach.

Datsun GO+ Price in Bangalore

Datsun Go Plus On Road Price is 4,70,188/- and Ex-showroom Price is 3,86,000/- in Bangalore. Datsun Go Plus comes in 6 colours, namely Blue,White,Ruby,Gold,Silver,Grey. Datsun Go Plus comes with FWD with 1198 CC Displacement and 3 Cylinders with Maximum Power 67 bhp@5000 rpm and Peak Torque 104 Nm@4000 rpm DRIVE TRAIN FWD and reaches 100 KMPH at N/A . Datsun Go Plus comes with Manual Transmission with FWD .Check for GO Plus price in Bangalore at Tryaldrive.

Datsun GO+ Bottomline

While Datsun insists on calling it a seven-seater, the Go+ isn’t exactly a proper one. The third row can only accommodate luggage and can’t really be used to seat anyone (but small children).If you look at it as a five-seater, with a decent amount of luggage space, that makes it more of sense. True, the budget segment treatment by Datsun isn’t very subtle, and could even put off some customers. But if you consider the Rs 4.1 lakh (estimated) price tag (which is only around Rs 30,000 more than the hatchback), this could very well turn out to be a practical and popular five-seater.

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