Breast Augmentation Surgery


Round beautiful breasts can be achieved through a breast augmentation. When you’ll go to see a plastic surgeon, he’ll tell you how the implants are introduced inside the breasts.

A Short Presentation

The medical procedure is called breast augmentation and it actually means enhancing the dimension of your natural breasts with the help of an implant. There are different types of incisions and each of them will be discussed with your doctor, before starting the actual procedure.

Here are the incisions that are used: the incision made around the nipple, the axillary incision, the incision made through your belly button or the incision made under the nipple. Usually, after a time, the scars left after the incision fade.

The implant is introduced under the pectoral muscle or under the mammary gland and in front of the pectoral muscle. For more details Visit Personiks to know more about the treatment and cost of Breast Augmentation Surgeon in Hyderabad.

The surgery is made with general anesthesia, as it is the safest method of surgery and it also offers comfort for the surgery team. The risks of the general anesthesia are lower, but these cannot be totally eliminated. Before the surgery, you should tell your surgeon about your medical history – what surgery did you have – if any, what medications are you on, what other illnesses do you have.

The time spent for a breast augmentation can depend on different factors, including the way the surgery team makes the incision, the anatomy of the patient, the type of anesthetic used and so on.

Usually, the surgery takes between 1 and 3 hours. Most of these surgeries need 1 or 2 days of hospitalization post-surgery, so that the patient can be supervised by the medical team.

Possible Complications

Here are some possible complications: the infection, a hematom ( which is a blood clot caught between the implant and the mammary tissue that needs to be taken out), the breaking of the implant and others. For lessening the change of future possible complications, you should always follow what the doctor tells you. The recommendations made are for this purpose exactly.

Post-surgery effects

After the surgery, you need to wear an elastic bra or a bustier. This helps with a correct positioning for the breasts during healing to maintain the symmetry and their compactness.

The initial discomfort is controlled through painkillers. The stitches will be taken out after 7 or 14 days after the surgery, while the special bra will be kept until the 4th or 6th week.

The scars need at least 1 year to become as invisible as it is possible, and this is one of the reasons why exposing your body to the sun for this period of time is not recommended, as there could appear complications.

Having the implant placed under the mammary gland is followed by less pain, but when the implant is placed under the pectoral muscle, it will lead to the same kind of pain that you have after a powerful workout session.

After such a surgery, you can take up on your activities after two or three days. There could still be pain and the activities that imply moving your arms need to be restricted. To know more information on Breast Augmentation Surgery check Cibsleh

The full recovery takes place after three or four months, but this period of time can vary due to several factors like the surgical technique used, the type and place of the implant and the level of daily activity. Your surgeon will tell you when you can resume your activities.

Having a breast augmentation will make your breasts increase in volume (dimension / size), but it’s recommended to keep a balance and not exaggerate with the dimensions for an aesthetic balance of the body. This procedure will lead to an increase in your confidence, as the new look will be enchanting for everyone’s eyes.

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